Migrate Line Printer & Preprinted to Cutsheet





The DCS provides easy interface to build your jobs and migrate your output of line printer, pre-printed forms to cut sheet laser printers with enhance formatting of data with graphics, forms, logo messages etc.

Hundreds of Mainframe and mini applications can be migrated without any script or typing code just enjoy the DCS interface and online help to configure your new output to any postscript printer connected on the network.

The DCS will print direct to any postscript printer level 3, while if there are non postscript printers you can generate PDF of the output and print the jobs on non postscript printers as long as it has printer driver installed on the windows.

Ability to fully configure the new output by controlling the following parameters

  • Line Space
  • Typeface Font
  • Font Size – using postscript scalable font 1 point size up to 999
  • Top, bottom, left margins
  • Insert of the fly greeting message anywhere on the page
  • Merging forms, Graphic and logo with the output without affecting the speed